We aim to create long-term, sustainable solutions to tackle period poverty, challenge taboos around menstruation and empower people to build a period-friendly society.

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We are inspired to share more about the positive side of periods; from reusable menstrual products that are environmentally friendly and cost effective, to how being menstrually aware can improve your well-being, as well as understanding our fertility cycle.


We want everyone to understand about periods and be able to make their own choices about how to manage them, as well as breaking the taboo of silence allowing them to talk openly about periods and understand how periods socially impact themselves and others.


We run weekly circles to share support, information and stories. Some women are finding that their periods adversely affected by stress hormones triggered by the covid-19 pandemic, which means their regular cycles are changing – periods coming late or extra physical / emotional symptoms. This weekly check-in can help us to connect with the rhythms of our cycles and find well-being, body wisdom and community in circle. This group is currently full.

Let’s build something together.