Meet The Nest team

We are three women with a united vision of supporting women & girls at key transitions throughout their life. We look forward to working with you.

Hazel Acland

Hazel is a doula, childbirth educator, author and women’s circle facilitator. She trained as a doula & childbirth educator in 2011 and is registered as a practising doula by the national organisation, Doula UK. She is also Doula UK’s representative in the European Doula Network (2015 to present). Her 2016 book The Birth Path is used to explain the undisturbed process of labour and birth. She regularly hosts workshops relating to women’s rites of passage, nature connection and peer support.


Jodie Wilkerson The Nest southwest cic

Jodie Wilkerson

Jodie is a breastfeeding peer support lead and antenatal educator. After having her own children, Jodie trained as a breastfeeding peer supporter in 2010, volunteering at her local Children’s Centre. In 2012 Jodie began working for the Children’s Centre running the breastfeeding support group, managing the peer support volunteers, running antenatal classes in partnership with the community midwifery team, and developed and facilitated new parent groups alongside the health visiting team. In 2014, she began training breastfeeding peer supporters. Jodie has completed courses in Safeguarding Children and Domestic Abuse and Violence.


Nancy Osborne

Nancy is a chartered physiotherapist, yoga teacher and massage therapist with a specialist interest in women’s health and well-being. Since having her own children Nancy realises the importance of continued community support and reaching out when in need. Nancy’s physiotherapy background lies in the management of acute and complex long term neuromuscular conditions, as well as general musculoskeletal pain including lower back pain and pelvic girdle dysfunction. She currently teaches yoga in a group as well as a 1-1 setting, applying her physiotherapy knowledge to restore, reconnect and relax. She also provides private individual physiotherapy consultations and massage treatments and has delivered workshops in sleep, functional anatomy and persistent pain management.


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